[NOR] Nera Networks delivers first all-IP long distance microwave radio for 4G/LTE networks

Nera Networks AS, a leading provider of microwave transmission solutions, today announced that it has started shipments of long distance high capacity all-packet radio, Evolution Series IP Long Haul. Nera is the first vendor in the industry to start deliveries of multichannel all-IP long haul radio. Evolution Series IP Long Haul has been selected for upgrading long distance SDH links of a Central European mobile operator, to boost the speed and performance of their mobile backhaul and make the network LTE ready.

Evolution Series Long Haul is designed for high capacity wireless transmission applications to provide paths of 100 km and more.  It is ideal for any application where fibre is not available, offering superior quality and fast deployment capabilities. The system can be easily extended from SDH/SONET to multichannel Native Ethernet thus enabling smooth migration from legacy TDM to all-IP. Evolution Series IP Long Haul is available in all frequency bands from 4 to 13 GHz from the start.

Evolution Series IP Long Haul features Multichannel Adaptive Bandwidth Control, the unique technology for traffic distribution over several radio frequency carriers. The packet distribution is based on physical layer, and is independent of packet flows and sizes. The system automatically scales with available channels and capacities and employs adaptive modulation with advanced QoS mechanisms to ensure that high priority traffic is transmitted unaffected.

The system design is optimised to allow for flexible system configurations, offering multiband branching capabilities combined with the flexibility of both all-indoor and split-mount installations. Evolution Series is the only one in its class to provide unaffected transmit power in split-mount configuration, exhibiting the highest system gain on the market to deliver robust and resilient links. The full-band tunability of the transceiver units and multiband branching capabilities mean fewer spare parts and simplified logistics. Patented power amplifier technologies lead to the lowest possible power consumption. All these, along with a system small footprint, make Evolution Series a greener choice for operators concerned with both OPEX reduction and minimised impact on environment.

”With the introduction of Long Haul IP microwave systems, Nera once again confirms its leading position in advanced high capacity microwave radio systems. The Evolution Series IP Long Haul allows network operators to implement a holistic packet based transmission network. Nera has already received very positive feedback on its new long distance IP backhaul solution from key operators around the world,” says Per Arne Henæs, CEO, Nera Networks. ”The Evolution Series IP Long Haul radio is based on the common platform technology, enabling real cost savings for operators migrating their backhaul and core networks from TDM to all-IP.”

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