[SWE] Autoliv Expands in China

In response to the rapid growth in Asian vehicle production, Autoliv has started up a building extension of its Shanghai manufacturing plant for safety electronics systems and components. The 4.000 square meters (43.000 Sq feet) area extension will allow Autoliv to increase its manufacturing capacity for electronics by 50% in China and by 15% globally.

As a result of the expansion, Autoliv will have an annual production capacity in China of more than 5 million electronic control units (ECUs) for airbag systems and of 10 million crash sensor units. Some of the Chinese production capacity will be used for Autoliv’s global customers with export to other countries.

The cost for the expansion will be approximately 13 million dollars. Upon the completion of the extension, Autoliv’s highly automated plant for electronics will have 600 employees.

In total, Autoliv has six facilities for electronics (in Canada, China, France, Sweden and two in the United States). They manufacture and develop mainly ECUs for airbag systems, crash sensors, radar and night vision systems.

Autoliv is one of the global leaders in restraint control electronics, radar systems, vision systems and night vision systems.

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