[FIN] Finland’s Outokumpu delivers steel to monument in Mexico

The Governent of Mexico is building a 104 metre high monument from stainless steel in downtown Mexico City to celebrate 200 years of independency. The steel to the monument Estela de Luz, which translates Trail of light, will be delivered by Outokumpu to the project’s main contractor Euroguarco in Italy.

The order is for 1 500 tonnes of duplex special grades LDX 2101® and 2205 produced in Outokumpu’s Degerfors site. The steel will be made into tubes in Italy and the monument will be built in Mexico before the end of 2011.

”We chose Outokumpu for their reliability and high quality standard, since this project is quite complex and delicate”, says Cristiano Ghirlanda, managing director at Euroguarco.

”Outokumpu stainless steel offers durability and high strength, which enables a thinner and lighter construction. We believe that this project can be a breakthrough for our special grade steel in architectural constructions and hope that it can give us more high profile projects in the future”, says Tobias Larsson, product manager at Outokumpu.

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