[SWE] Icebreaker Tor Viking are called in for icebreaking

The Swedish Maritime Administration SMA has drafted TransAtlantic icebreaker/AHTS- vessel Tor Viking for icebreaking assignment in the Baltic Sea. The icebreaker/AHTS vessel  Balder Viking was called in for icebreaking in December 2010.

During the summer and the autumn, Tor Viking was in service in Alaska and the homeward voyage went via the Northeast Passage along the coast of Siberia, during which she set a record for the vessel to sail the Northeast Passage at the latest point in time in the season and, furthermore, in record time. This was the second time since A.E. Nordensköld’s passage with Vega in 1878-79 that a Swedish vessel has sailed the Northeast Passage – the last time was Tor Viking in 2007.

TransAtlantic has a long-term contract with the SMA, which entails that the vessels must be available during the first quarter of the year as required and within ten days for icebreaking in the Baltic Sea. In return, Transatlantic receives an annual basic fee, regardless of whether icebreaking is conducted or not. If icebreaking is conducted, the fee is increased. The contract expires in 2015, with an option to extend for an additional 15 years.

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