[SWE] Scania hosts sustainable transport conference

Environmental demands are creating tough challenges for the transport business, but sustainable solutions for the sector already exist. Those solutions are the focus of today’s transport conference in Brussels, organised by Scania, which brings together business decision makers, politicians, officials and researchers.

How can the transport business meet environmental challenges while maintaining its high service level and transport efficiency? To discuss this topic, Scania has arranged a transport conference in Brussels featuring keynote speaker Siim Kallas, the EU Transport Commissioner.

At the conference, Scania and a select group of partners and customers will present existing case studies that employ a wide range of available technologies, methods and solutions to save carbon dioxide – and increase transport capacity at the same time. By introducing sustainable transport solutions here and now, we can have an immediate, positive effect on the environment and the long-term economy.

Scandinavian food transport logistics company Bring Frigo has established two green corridors as one way to fulfil the company’s goal of a 30 percent reduction in its carbon footprint by the year 2015.

South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg, is constructing Rea Vaya, a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system to combat congestion and improve public transport. The initial results from the first phase are overwhelmingly positive.

Dutch logistics service provider and biofuel pioneer Rotra has a far-reaching green vision that includes longer truck combinations and ethanol fuel. This perspective gives the company an edge over the competition.

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