[FIN] Neste Oil again ranked a top performer in terms of its forest footprint

Neste Oil has again received recognition for the highly efficient management and reporting of its forest footprint in the Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) 2010 Report published on 27 January 2011. Neste Oil has been ranked as the best performer in the oil & gas sector for its reporting and transparency for the second year in succession.

”This recognition underlines the pioneering work that we have done to develop, monitor, and report on a sustainable supply chain. The unique third party-audited supply chain management system that we have developed provides us with information on the exact origin of the palm oil we use,” says Pekka Tuovinen, Neste Oil’s Director, Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs.

”The FFD project is an important forum for sharing information and know-how on the destruction of the world’s forests. The biofuel industry has a lot to contribute here, we believe, as the biofuel supply chain is regulated by very tough sustainability requirements,” continues Tuovinen.

The FFD project is an international initiative designed to measure the forest footprint of companies’ supply chains and work done to reduce their size. A total of 285 international companies were requested to disclose information in areas such as risk assessment and sustainable supply chain management for the FFD Report. The results were then assessed by a jury of supply and forest conservation experts.

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