[SWE] Ericsson supports China Unicom’s first large-scale GPON deployment

A new deal between China Unicom and Ericsson will meet the needs of millions of Chinese people requiring an enhanced experience when accessing internet and streaming real-time multimedia applications. Under the contract, Ericsson will supply its gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network  solution in more than 10 provinces across China. With Ericsson’s high capacity EDA 1500 GPON system, China Unicom will offer the highest speed and capacity broadband access on the market.

The GPON infrastructure and smart management system will enable China Unicom to roll out fiber-to-the-home and fiber-to-the-building across the country faster and at a lower cost. This will also allow the company to better meet the growing demand of data traffic and triple play services among Chinese consumers.

Ericsson will be supplying its high capacity EDA 1500 platform in more than 10 major provinces in 2011. Deployment has already begun.

Mats H Olsson, Head of Ericsson Region China & North East Asia, says: ”This is a milestone in the globalization of GPON – the new path China Unicom has taken reaffirms the potential of GPON in China and around the world. Ericsson is one of the few qualified GPON vendors in China, and we are proud to be powering China Unicom in its mission to stay ahead of the competitive broadband market with our industry leading solution.”

Benefiting from its global GPON footprint, Ericsson has now become a mainstream broadband supplier in China, providing GPON to all three of the country’s telecom operators as well as some leading cable TV operators. Today, the majority of the provinces and regions in China are using Ericsson’s GPON solution. The contract marks China Unicom’s first large-scale deployment of GPON technology.

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