[SWE] Outdoor apparel Haglöfs growing according to plan

When Haglöfs sums up 2010, it concludes that the company is continuing to develop according to plan. Annual growth in 2010 was good and if currency effects are taken out of the equation, it was above Haglöfs’ long-term growth target.

Even in times of change, most things stay the same. Haglöfs works on the basis of a long-term plan and the Haglöfs model is strong. Quality, fit, functionality and a high level of innovation are fundamental attributes that guarantee Haglöfs will continue to supply Outstanding Outdoor Equipment. Working to produce products with minimal environmental impact along the entire chain – from concept to finished product – is also a natural and integral part of present operations.

”We have a strong corporate culture, which originates from our history and is manifested through our core values. This is also one of the main reasons why we are able to remain successful as we develop our business activities,” says Haglöfs CEO Nicolas Warchalowski.

A year of change
2010 was in many ways a year of change. On August 20, 2010, Haglöfs welcomed a new owner, the Japanese sporting goods company ASICS. As part of the ASICS family, Haglöfs has additional financial resources and access to knowledge about new markets, which will form the basis of global expansion.

”Haglöfs established itself as a leader in the Nordic region in the 1990s, and in the following decade we developed our European position,” says Nicolas Warchalowski. ”Now we are moving towards establishing Haglöfs globally. Our strong product range and our position in Europe, plus our new dynamic as part of ASICS, provide us with a solid platform for developing into a globally leading outdoor brand.”

Another change under Haglöfs’ long-term planning strategy saw Mats Hedblom hand over the Haglöfs leadership reins to Nicolas Warchalowski. After having developed the company for over 30 years, Mats moved to the role of Corporate Advisor to the Haglöfs Group. At the same time, Haglöfs reported that the management group had been strengthened by the recruitment of a new sales director and a new marketing director, leaving the organization even better equipped for future global challenges.

Haglöfs’ first Brand Store opened in 2010. With its central location in Stockholm, the store offers the full Haglöfs range and also has a service department with a complete stock of accessories. The Haglöfs Brand Store marks the take-off of the company’s new store concept which will gradually be exported to existing and future markets.

Geographic expansion 2011
A new concept for 2011 is Haglöfs’ establishment of a subsidiary in connection with the company’s entry into the South Korean market. Introducing the brand into a new market by means of a subsidiary company illustrates the development of Haglöfs’ establishment strategy.

”We have learned lessons from our European expansion, and the financial resources and long-term perspective offered by ASICS provide us with a direct entry route into a new market with our own subsidiary,” says Nicolas Warchalowski. ”This gives us several advantages and will be an interesting alternative in our global strategy as we enter into new markets in the future.”

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