[FIN] Kesko recognised for good corporate governance practices

World Finance Magazine has recognised Kesko for the best corporate governance in Finland in terms of development and reporting. The international comparison listed companies which significantly exceed the minimum governance standards and report on their operating practices openly and transparently.

World Finance selected the best companies in a total of 39 countries. In addition to Kesko, the recognised companies included Danone (France), BASF (Germany), Cisco Systems (the United States), Nestlé (Switzerland) and Samsung Electronics (South-Korea).

Kesko is committed to the best practices of good corporate governance: openness and transparency, and the pursuit of the best interests of the company and all of its shareholders.

- Good corporate governance practices provide a sound basis for a continued business success. They help us reinforce the confidence of our shareholders, investors, customers, business partners and personnel, says the Kesko Group’s General Counsel, Vice President Anne Leppälä-Nilsson.

- A continuous development of our corporate governance functions has been an established item on the agenda of Kesko’s Board of Directors and top management. Kesko has wanted to exceed the level set by the corporate governance regulations of listed companies and to establish explicit and transparent decision-making structures and systems communicated to the market and other stakeholders in an open and up-to-date manner.

The openness of remuneration, remuneration schemes and the decision-making process used to determining remuneration play an essential role in good corporate governance. On its website, Kesko discloses detailed information on the remuneration and remuneration criteria of the company Board members, the President and CEO, and the Corporate Management Board members as part of its remuneration statement.

In addition to the development of Kesko’s corporate governance practices, Anne Leppälä-Nilsson has actively contributed to the self-regulation concerning all listed companies in Finland and the Nordic countries. She participated in the corporate governance working groups which updated the Finnish Corporate Governance Code, and represented Finland in the Nordic corporate governance cooperation.


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