[SWE] Mack launches medium heavy version of Granite model

The Volvo Group’s US subsidiary Mack is launching a new medium heavy version of its highly successful Granite model.  The launch is being made in connection with the ongoing CONEXPO-CON/AGG trade show in Las Vegas.

The Mack Granite is primarily used for transports in demanding environments, such as construction sites. Target groups for the new Granite Medium Heavy Duty (MHD) with a 9-litre engine include municipalities who can get their jobs done with less power and a lighter configuration.

“Considering the current economic climate, many companies are focusing on exactly how much truck they really need,” says Curtis Dorwart, marketing manager for Mack vocational products. “Our new medium heavy version of Granite is characterized by reliability and durability while simultaneously providing valuable savings in terms of weight and other costs.”


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