[SWE] Sweden’s Parliament goes iPhone, and possibly even iPad

After a new completed assesment, Swedish Parliamentarians will now be switching to a new communications platform, Apple’s iPhone 4 according to Computer Sweden.

The Swedish IT savvy daily Computer Sweden writes yesterday that the Riksdag Administration (Riksdagsförvaltningen), the authority tha facilitates Sweden’s Parliament and ensures it’s Members are connected, has decided that all MP’s should be equipt with an Apple iPhone 4 as its new communication platform. MP’s have previously been supplied with the Nokia N97 as a service telephone.
However, MP’s who opt out from the new standard iPhone 4 may choose a more basic mobile telephone soluton from suppliers such as SonyEricsson.

Since January this year the Riksdag Administration also has an ongoing working group assessing whether the Parliament and it’s MP’s should possibly also issue mandatory iPad’s as a working tool.

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