[SWE] Autoliv Expands in Active Safety

In response to the fast growing market for camera-based active safety systems, Autoliv Inc. today announced that it is acquiring technologies, for automotive forward-looking vision systems, from Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH, a subsidiary of Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. and that the parties will cooperate to further develop these technologies.

Autoliv is acquiring an exclusive license to Hella Aglaia’s monovision based algorithms for Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), Lane Detection and Light Source Recognition. By monitoring traffic signs, TSR helps the driver to keep the correct speed and follow other traffic rules; “Lane Detection” is used to warn against unintended (inadvertent) lane changes, and “Light Source Recognition” to automatically identify tail and head lights when vehicles meet or pass each other to avoid distracting other drivers.

Autoliv and Hella Aglaia will also cooperate to further develop, enhance and expand the functionalities of Hella’s existing technology for automotive and truck applications. More functionalities that will be added over time are Forward Collision Warning and Pedestrian Detection systems – these are intended to be included in the next generation of enhanced camera-based systems.

Hella will continue to deliver the technology to its existing customers, while Autoliv will be the Tier-1 supplier for new automotive customers.

“This is an important step towards further strengthening of our position in automotive safety” commented Jan Carlson, President and CEO of Autoliv. “We are combining two of the most experienced image-processing teams aiming for best-in-class vision systems” added Mr. Carlson.

“We are excited about the possibility to implement the Hella Aglaia technology into our core technology. The cooperation will allow faster time-to-market for Autoliv’s active safety technologies and ensures the allocation of adequate engineering resources” remarked Steve Rodé, President of Active and Passive Safety Electronics for Autoliv.

“This is the perfect match! Years of combined experience in automotive safety, state of the art computer vision software development and sensor technology will be a strong foundation for the technology leadership we are aiming for” says Kay Talmi, Managing Director of Hella-Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH.

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