[SWE] TeliaSonera first to launch 4G in Lithuania

TeliaSonera has launched the first commercial 4G / LTE service in Lithuania and to customers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys. The 4G network is one of the first networks in the world to use the 1800 MHz frequency. TeliaSonera continues the 4G network rollout in Lithuania during 2011.

”It is a positive trend in European countries to offer technology neutral frequency bands which gives customers faster access to new technology such as fast mobile broadband like 4G. The early deployment of 4G on 1800 MHz in Lithuania is a good example of this. TeliaSonera builds out the mobile networks and modernise the infrastructure in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We have an expansive rollout plan based on the high customer demand for mobile data services,” says Claes Nycander, CTO Mobility Services TeliaSonera.

With 4G, customers can use mobile broadband services with speeds up to ten times higher than today’s 3G. 4G opens up new possibilities for customers to use and enjoy services on their laptops that require high transmission speed and capacity, such as online gaming and advanced business solutions. Also services demanding low response times like bidding on online auctions as well as fast upload such as live TV broadcasting.

“Omnitel have launched the fastest mobile broadband services in Lithuania just one year after the initial 4G launches in Sweden and Norway. This proves that Lithuania is amongst leaders in the global telecommunications market. Omnitel’s customers demand faster mobile data services and with 4G we are responding to their needs offering the most advanced mobile technology in the world”, says Omnitel’s President Antanas Zabulis.

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