[SWE] Systemair winner of The Indoor Climate Prize

Systemair together with ventilation contractor Gösta Schelin and consultant firm PQR Konsult been chosen to the winner of the The Indoor Climate Prize.
Systemair, in collaboration with ventilation contractor Gösta Schelin and consultant firm PQR Konsult developed an innovative system solution. The solution enables energy efficiency of existing apartment buildings and ensures at the same time a good indoor climate.

The idea is based on the existing exhaust system, supplemented with ventilation channels in the apartments for the supply of fresh air. Systemair has developed a new energy efficient air handling unit with a high efficiency heat exchanger where up to 90% of the heat energy is recovered, which replaces the old fans. The air handling unit is placed in the attic space and new channels to the apartments are installed in the stairwell.

”The high efficiency of the air handling unit gives an energy saving up to 40 kilowatt-hours per square metre per year. This means that the majority of Sweden’s apartment buildings have a high potential for energy efficiency improvements through our common system solution”, says Pär Johansson Sales Manager Sweden

”The demand for this type of system is constantly increasing and interest is high. We see great potential for the product and system solution both in Sweden and the rest of Europe ”, says CEO Gerald Engström

The Indoor Climate Prize was founded in 2001 by Slussen Building Services in cooperation with Swedvac (Swedish society of HVAC engineers), SwedVent and The Swedish Society of Refrigeration. The Indoor Climate Prize aims at strengthening indoor climate technology position and increasing interest in the same.

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