[FIN] Outokumpu’s new duplex steel for biogas tanks

Outokumpu will deliver stainless steel to the German company Börger GmbH for building tanks to be used in biogas production. This is Outokumpu’s first order for the recently launched new duplex steel grade LDX 2404®. The steel for the tanks will be produced at Outokumpu in Avesta Sweden.

The main reasons for constructing the tanks in LDX 2404® are the high corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties of the steel. By choosing LDX 2404®, Börger will be able to reduce the thickness of the plates by about 25%, resulting in the same levels of weight reductions in the construction. This is a highly cost efficient alternative to the corresponding conventional stainless steel grades.”We chose Outokumpu’s LDX 2404® because of the excellent corrosion properties, making the steel highly suitable for biogas tanks”, says Mr. Gerd Buss at Börger.
”Biogas is an important growth market as the need for renewable energy is increasing. Moreover, these biogas tanks will be built in a for us new way- they will be bolted, not welded. The advantage with bolted tanks is decreased thickness and much shorter on site construction time. This is an exciting project with the potential to open a new market for us”, says Anders Magnusson, Tank Application Manager at Outokumpu.

Outokumpu LDX 2404® was developed at Outokumpu’s Research Centre in Avesta. The steel was launched in late 2010 and it is the sixth member of the duplex family. LDX 2404® has high corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties. The grade is suitable for use in for example pressure vessels, tanks and desalination plants. Duplex steel grades contain less nickel, and more nitrogen and chrome than the corresponding conventional austenitic steel grades. Outokumpu has a global market share of 50 percent in duplex steels.

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