[FIN] Kesko supports young athletes and art students with scholarships

Kesko’s Board of Directors has granted scholarships to talented young athletes and art students for the 24th time. The Kesko scholarships, presented on 16 May in Helsinki, were distributed to 25 promising young athletes and 17 art students from different parts of Finland.

The total scholarship amount was 42,000 euros and the recipients were chosen on the recommendations of fine arts universities and sports associations. The scholarship recipients include, for example, ski jumper Julia Kykkänen, who participated in women’s ski jumping competition in the Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo this year. Swimmer Jenna Laukkanen has won both gold and bronze medals in the European Junior Swimming Championships. Jani Sandelin has won a gold medal in the Finnish National Cycling Championships. Show jumper Miisa Pulkkanen is the 2010 Finnish Champion of the Small Pony Championships and the Hall Championships.


The Your Move Grand Event is near

Kesko is the main partner of the Young Finland Association and the Finnish Sports Federation in organising the Your Move Grand Event running in Helsinki from 27 May to 1 June 2011. Your Move is the biggest physical activity event in Finland in 2011. It is expected to put 50,000 people aged from 13 to19 on the move, try out different activities and enjoy music and have fun together. The event venue is the area surrounding the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Kesko and the K-Group’s store chains will play a prominent part in the Your Move event. In line with the event theme, young people have created Kesko’s Turbo Move World area featuring a large inflatable running and climbing track and a number of other activity points. In addition, K-chains will have their own activity sections at the event.

Kesko’s cooperation with the Young Finland Association has already lasted for more than a decade. The cooperation significantly contributes to Kesko’s responsibility policies, whose key objective is to promote the wellbeing and joy of life in families with children.

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