[SWE] Indonesian AXIS extends managed services partnership wuth Ericsson

Indonesian GSM and 3G operator AXIS has extended its managed services partnership with Ericsson in a four-year contract. Building on a cooperation which began in 2008, Ericsson will now be responsible for AXIS’ network operations, field maintenance, support services and spare parts management in Greater Jakarta and Northern Sumatra.

Ericsson will support more than 3,000 radio base stations and approximately 8 million AXIS subscribers will benefit from enhanced network performance and improved customer service. Indonesia ranks sixth in the world in terms of the number of mobile phones in use. It is also one of the fastest growing mobile consumer markets, with 180 million customers.

”I am pleased to announce Ericsson’s participation and partnership during this important period for the company. Over the past two years, mobile services have become much more affordable in Indonesia and AXIS has become Indonesians’ best choice for affordability, simplicity and reliability. With Ericsson taking care of our network operations, we are able to focus on expanding our reach and on bringing great value for money mobile services to all our customers – as well as strengthening our position in the Indonesian telecommunication market,” says Erik Aas, President Director and CEO of AXIS.

: ”Indonesia is an important market for us. Our presence here dates back to 1907 and has played a significant role in the development of the country’s telecommunications industry. In 2008, we entered a partnership with AXIS to build, operate and manage its new 3G/WCDMA network in Greater Jakarta. By extending and expanding this deal, we can continue to support AXIS in this rapidly growing market ” concludes Mats Otterstedt, President of Ericsson Indonesia.

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